Our Story


 We met in college in 2006. We were both in the art program and each got convinced to join a band by a mutual friend. From there, a friendship began and we started dating in 2008. We were married at the Schlafly Tap Room in the fall of 2011, and welcomed our son Fox less than a year later. We reside in south city, St. Louis. We love craft beer, good bourbon, and hanging out on our front porch on nice nights. Our home basically has an "open door" policy, and it's not unlikely to find one or two or three friends at our house a few times a week. Dark TV shows are our favorite, but we'd also be okay with watching 30 Rock or Arrested Development on repeat for all eternity. In general we are two people that are silly, fun, social, and have a passion for all things creative. 


our philosophy


We believe in using photography as a form of visual storytelling. We want you to look back at your images years down the road and remember exactly how you felt in that moment. Instead of focusing on perfection, we focus on feeling. Combine that with a love of creative portraiture, and our galleries result in a mix of candid + editorial images.

We love working with people that share our taste for things that are unconventional and adventurous. Those that appreciate art, design, and great photography. If you want your story told in an honest yet beautiful way, we might just be the photographers for you.

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Get to know us



Michael is his given name, but everyone calls him by his last name. Graphic designer by day, moonlights as a photographer. Is also a chef, a political analyst, an athlete, and a purveyor of both useless + useful information. Book-reader, podcast-listener, gardener, handyman...definitely a jack-of-all trades kind of guy.

 Current obsession: Fermenting things. 



The "boss" of the operation. Lover of dark, stormy, moody weather. Can usually be found wearing all black. Believes that winter > summer, and that pizza is the greatest food of all time. Loves to sing but is usually too embarrassed to do so publicly - unless cocktails are involved. Collector of irrational fears. Amateur ukulele player.

Current obsession: Growing out her bangs.



Kindergartener. Sometimes willing photo subject for his mom and dad. Stubborn, silly, and friendly. Could eat fruit for every single meal. Likes: space, skeletons, magic, sneaking up on people, swimming, bowling, and learning to read. Dislikes: buttons on clothing, most vegetables, and going to bed.

Current obsession: Pokemon.

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Kind Words


Q + A


How many weddings do you shoot each year?


We shoot around 20-25 weddings per year. We try to limit the amount of weddings we book so that we can give each of our couples the full attention they deserve, and also leave some free weekends to hang with our kiddo!


What are your favorite kinds of weddings?


We believe there is no right or wrong way to throw a wedding, and it most certainly shouldn't have to fit into any kind of mold. While all weddings are beautiful, meaningful events, we find ourselves feeling a deeper connection with couples that aren't afraid to throw a wedding that feels completely, 100% like THEM - even if that means stepping away from some of the more traditional elements that are "expected" at weddings. We're really able to spread our creative wings while photographing weddings that are simple, intimate, or have a unique or individualistic flair. 


Do you travel?


Absolutely! We love our home base of St. Louis, but are always super excited to see more of the world! We offer some pretty sweet travel rates for destinations outside of the Midwest, get in touch to find out more!


What kind of equipment do you use?


We are not exactly what you would call gear "minimalists." Over the years we have built up a pretty hefty supply of cameras + lenses. We use only professional-grade gear. Between the two of us we have 4 Nikon DSLRs, and one Fuji mirrorless camera. We have wide range of lenses for each of us, our favorites being prime lenses. We also have some random fun little tools we use for experimenting - crystals, prisms, etc. - as well as numerous speed lights and stands for setting up awesome lighting at receptions when needed!


What do you shoot besides weddings?


We photograph families, engagement + couples sessions, maternity sessions, and more. Usually Katie shoots these solo, so Forbis can be at home on dad-duty!


Are you night owls or morning people?


Night owls for life.


Do you have a studio space or do you work from home?


While Forbis is at his 9-5, Katie can be found at the loft that we share with Tori of Paperkeet. It's located downtown and it's beautiful! It's a workspace, meeting space, and studio all in one. You should come see it!