Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Here is the (sometimes embarrassing) evolution of my logo over the past several years...starting with my old business name.


Clearly...I ran the gamut of logos. And 10 bucks says I even missed a couple! However, I do feel that changing your logo is somewhat normal. Until 2016, I couldn't decide on a firm BRAND for myself because up until then my look was constantly evolving as I was learning and growing. I was switching things up a lot as my editing and shooting style changed...kinda makes sense.

In my opinion, branding goes hand-in-hand with finding your ideal client. In the beginning, I was taking any and all work that came my way. Then I started to develop more of a style, which was definitely a lighter and airy look with a feminine vibe...hence, all the floral logos. Eventually, I decided I didn't want to appeal only to women or brides, and I finally got to a place where I felt like my style was more consistently. In 2016 I switched things up to a more modern, less girly look in hopes of not only attracting women AND men, but to also fit with a slightly darker editing style with more mood and contrast.

Our brand was solidified when my husband came on as my official second shooter and we rebranded as more of a team. We now don't shoot anything and everything that comes our way. We want to appeal to a more specific type of client - clients that are hip, creative, and non-traditional. We chose simple, modern branding that doesn't feel overly feminine and shows that we are modern, creative photographers.

A few tips about branding

I don't suggest overly stressing about your branding, but I do suggest paying attention to it. Make sure it works with your style of photography. For example, a hand-drawn, hipster-ish looking logo might look weird with a photography style that's super light and airy. 

If you don't have a background in graphic design, I don't suggest making your own logo. Hiring a great designer that will sit down with you and help you with your brand is WELL WORTH it!

Use sites like Etsy with caution. There are some great options there, but there are also a lot of logos being sold that are either super trendy, super outdated, or poorly designed.

When in doubt, just go SIMPLE. In my personal opinion, most clients aren't going to scrutinize every aspect of your logo, as long as it looks professional and intentional. In the end, you want your work to be the real draw. Your branding just needs to be a helping hand :)