Let's Explore

You are are two unique people that somehow found each other on this massive planet. Images that celebrate your love for one another shouldn't look like everyone else's. Too often couples get stumped on locations and end up at the same old spots that everyone else around town uses.

That's where we come in. 

We want to help create a unique session that truly represents your style, interests, and activities you enjoy doing as a couple. We want you to think outside of the box and get a little more adventurous! If you're more of an urban couple that enjoys the vibe of the city, there are tons of interesting neighborhoods, buildings, streets, and even alleyways to explore. If nature is more of your thing, there are many beautiful natural locations that have more to offer than your standard city or suburban park. And if you just love being at home, drinking coffee together in the morning, snuggling your pets or babies, or preparing a meal together, an in-home lifestyle shoot might be just the thing for you. We want you to feel comfortable, relaxed, and completely in your element. Using locations that really represent you as a couple will end up producing images that feel authentic and will remain special to you in the years to come.


Tips for your session

Be yourself

Feeling a little awkward in front of the camera is completely normal. Just try and remember to relax! Images that are natural, candid, and not forced are going to be the most moving. Posing guidance will definitely be offered, but it will be a lot easier to get intimate, honest images if you are relaxed and open to showing your love for one another. Laughter, silliness, and even some making out is encouraged :) Just interact with each other and try to forget the camera is there!

embrace spontaneous moments

Sometimes the unexpected can make for the best moments. A gust of wind or a sprinkle of rain can add some life and excitement to your session. If you arrive comfortable, ready to explore, and not so concerned with messing up your hair or clothes, the session will retain a natural, candid feel.



The most important thing when choosing clothing for your engagement session is to pick something that fits well and that you feel really great in! We have a few suggestions for things to consider when selecting what to wear.

If you are a nature lovers and choose a park or natural setting for part or all of your session, please try and dress comfortably in clothes that will allow us to explore and go off the beaten path a bit. Teetering around in spike heels that sink in the grass might limit us on where we can go and what we can do. Jeans, sandals or low-heeled ankle boots, and casual tops go really well in a more natural setting. If you want a dressier look, consider something like a flowy dress or skirt with flats. For urban settings, really anything goes. You can dress to the nines if you like, or keep it street-casual! 

Whatever you decide - dressy, casual, or a mix of both - just remember to dress in clothing that isn't overly tight or extremely baggy (this goes for the men too!). Matching is unnecessary, but coordinating is a good idea (i.e. choosing colors or patterns that compliment each other). Remember to stay on the same "level" of dressiness. For example, it would look odd if one person is very dressed up, while the other is very casual.

All in all, we want your clothing to mesh well with the surroundings, require little fussing over, and allow us to explore. If you have any questions on what to wear, we are happy to help.

Pack light

Bringing bags, purses, and props tends to kill the natural, candid feel we are going for. We suggesting leaving your extra stuff in the car, and coming empty-handed to the session so we don't have to worry about setting down or retrieving bags. If you have things that must come along that's okay! Just put them in a backpack (please no totes or over-the-shoulder bags) and we will be happy to carry it while we shoot so you don't have to!

For the men

In the wedding photography industry, we've noticed that many photographers tend to brand themselves toward brides. Whether or not this is intentional, we aren't sure, but we try to set ourselves apart from other photographers by catering to couples. We want the men to be just as present, involved, and included in the photography process. Every so often we come across guys that have a "let's get this over with attitude," and are clearly just there because their fiancé is making them. We have some suggestions for men that might not feel super excited about being photographed.

1. Be part of the planning process. Talk about location ideas together. If there's something you enjoy doing, let's incorporate it into the session somehow!

2. Loosen up a bit. Some guys can be really stiff and standoffish when more "romantic" poses are suggested. It's normal to maybe feel a little awkward in these poses, and it may feel kind of dumb, but try to have a good attitude about it. If it feels silly, don't be afraid to laugh! Laughter equals awesome images.

3. Use the session as a time to reflect on all of the many reasons you are marrying this wonderful person. Think of all of the qualities that made you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Not every pose or photo has to be incredibly mushy or overly romantic, but genuine happiness during the session will be a definite plus! 

4. Have a cocktail or shot before the session - we won't judge ;)


Engagement sessions are included complimentary in each of our wedding collections. A la carte pricing is as follows:

1-2 hours of shooting

High-resolution digital images (a minimum of 50 images)

Online, password-protected gallery active for 30 days

Print release for the couple


Questions? Give us a shout!