Brooks + Olivia | Thaxton Speakeasy Wedding

Brooks and Olivia came into our lives a few years ago and have become some of our closest friends. We were so honored to be a part of their wedding. We witnessed the entire planning process and to see their vision come to life was amazing. They planned a wedding that perfectly suited them as a couple. What they wore, the venue they booked, the details, the officiant and wedding party they chose - it was all so THEM. I love that they stepped out of the norm and threw a wedding that was incredibly personal. 

Generally with blog posts, I tend to group photos together - for example, I'll put all of the girls getting ready photos together, and then all of the guys together - but for this one I decided to just leave it in chronological order. Sometimes I think it's cool to see what is happening in two different places at the same time. Forbis hung out with the guys at the Cheshire, while I was with the ladies at Brooks and Olivia's home (ps can I just say I love when people get ready at home, it feels so much more personal!). We met up for their first look downtown, and then walked around and created some images with the wedding party on the city streets. A short and sweet ceremony followed, and then lots of toasts, games, food and dancing ended the night. A big thanks to Jaimie Krause for hanging out at the reception so I could get on the dancefloor with my friends :) 

Brooks and Olivia, we love you so much and hope you enjoy your images!! 


Katie + Forbis

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