Keith + Kellie | South City Fall Engagement Session

Let me just start out by saying that when you have to face a personal fear at an engagement session, I say that's always a recipe for awesome photos ;) Keith and Kellie are a super active, fit, and adventurous couple. We started their session at a favorite location of theirs - the Missouri Botanical Garden - to take advantage of the fall colors. And man, were they beautiful!

The second location they chose was an abandoned warehouse near their neighborhood. They know the realtor that bought up this property so they got some special access into the building. I love stuff like this - I honestly just cannot get enough of shooting in spaces with murky light and interesting textures. And this was also such a great choice for Kellie and Keith. They seemingly have no fear and were unfazed by the ridiculously steep and terrifying steps leading up to the roof (I, on the other hand, was a hottttt mess, ha). They climbed on rooftop ledges and out onto a janky old fire escape and pretty much gave me a heart attack like 18 times. But aside from me freaking out on the inside, I loved this session because it was different and fun and felt like the perfect fit for this couple.

Kellie and Keith - thank you for being adventurous and taking me along for the ride! Loved hanging with you guys and we can't wait for the wedding!



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