The Life Aquatic

Lately I've been seeing some amazing underwater photos in some of the photography groups I'm in, and I just couldn't resist trying some out for myself. I bit the bullet and purchased a DiCAPac bag for my camera, and after testing it out in the bathtub I took it to the pool. It is such a weird, unsettling, and downright scary thing to have like $3k worth of equipment underwater, ha! But the bag held up and my camera stayed bone dry :)

Shooting with this bag took some practice. Once the camera is in the bag, changing the settings takes a bit of practice, but it isn't impossible. It was a super bright sunny day at about 1:30pm and I shot these with my D750 - I won't lie, I was kind of cursing that max shutter speed of 1/4000. Even with my ISO all the way down, I wasn't able to shoot wide open which kills me a little bit on the inside ;) At first I was trying to stay above water while putting my camera under the surface and just snapping away, hoping for the best. That wasn't going so well, so eventually I threw on some goggles like a cool kid and got underwater with it so I could actually look through the viewfinder. The only downfall of this bag is that it has an "expandable" part for the lens. Obviously this is so you can put longer lenses in the bag, but I was using a Nikon 35 which isn't a huge lens. I kept trying to fold the lens part back to fit around my 35, but it kept wanting to expand. So I found myself having to manually hold it to make sure it was flush against the front of my lens. But honestly, it wasn't terrible and I'll take it, considering the relatively low price tag of the DiCAPac. 

There are people that seem to love this bag, and others that advise against it and say it isn't "safe" enough. It seemed fine to me, but I'm thinking that if you were going to be doing a LOT of underwater work, it might be best to spring for something more durable, like an AquaTech housing. Since I won't be doing this a lot, I personally just couldn't justify the nearly $2000 price of one of those.

I included a short video at the end of this post on how I edited the color images....I sound like an idiot and the fan on my laptop is always running (that's a great sign, right? ugh), but if you can get over that, feel free to give it a watch!

Also I should add that the last two images were shot by my 15-year-old nephew...he had a lot of fun taking some shots too, and I'm OBSESSED with the one he got from underneath Fox - so cool!