Jackie + Beth | Tower Grove Park Proposal

Jackie reached out to me several months back about photographing her proposal to her girlfriend Beth. I had only ever done one other proposal, and it was a lonnnng time ago, before I really considered myself a professional ;) So the idea of shooting a proposal was super exciting and also a teeeny bit scary, ha! I learned through talking with Jackie that she and Beth had actually decided a while back that they would propose to each other - but that each proposal would be a total surprise. How cool is that?

Jackie decided that she would propose at Tower Grove Park, on October 12th - their 2nd anniversary. She had just the location in mind, and we met up there a week or so before the big day to talk logistics. We envisioned how lovely it would look at sunset with warm light streaming in, and string lights hung in the trees.

We all know too well that sometimes the weather doesn’t like to cooperate, especially here in St. Louis where literally anything goes. The 12th turned out to be chilly (I think the high was 46), and rainy. But it was a very special date and the plan remained the same despite the weather. And in all honestly, I think the rain and cold made the whole thing a bit more romantic anyway ;)

After popping the question, Jackie had one other surprise for Beth - as we walked around the park taking photos, a group of close friends and family were waiting for us to approach. They jumped out at the just the right time and Beth’s reaction was priceless. There were even a couple of friends that flew in from out of town. So so sweet.

I learned that Beth proposed to Jackie the following day, also in Tower Grove Park. She set up a scavenger hunt to lead Jackie to each of her favorite vendors at the farmer’s market, and then to the center of the park where Beth proposed. Tell me these two people aren’t just the sweetest and most romantic couple! <3

Last month I started making videos for some of the weddings we’ve shot this fall, and I thought that a video would be super awesome for Jackie and Beth too - be sure to check it out at the end of this post!