Hannah + Colin | Wardsville, MO Wedding

Hannah + Colin reside in St. Louis, but they chose to get married in Hannah's hometown of Wardsville, MO - just outside of Jefferson City. And not only that, but they also chose to have the reception in the backyard of the home where Hannah grew up...which happens to be on a gorgeous farm. There's a large backyard with huge trees - perfect for string lights and tables and dancefloor - and rolling hills and trees as far as the eye can see. As you can imagine, rain isn't exactly ideal for this type of set-up....but rain was what they got. They got a LOT of it. And in my opinion, the rain was what added such a special element to this day. More on that in a minute :)

Forbis started with Colin and the guys at an Airbnb in Jefferson City where they hung out and got ready before heading over to the church in Wardsville. Hannah got ready in her parent's home, right down the road from the church. Hannah's mother is passed, and just so happened that the room in which she got dressed boasted a lovely portrait of her on the wall, so it really felt like she was there. The getting ready photos of Hannah are some of my favorite images from the day.

The rain was on and off pretty much all day, and luckily it cleared up after the ceremony while we were taking portraits at the nearby Bolton Home. Hannah and Colin have an amazing group of friends and family who were so wonderful to photograph! When we got back to the house for dinner, the rain started to pick up again, and by the time dinner and toasts were over, the decision was made to move the party into the garage. It was at this time that the most incredible storm clouds rolled in. Being typical Midwesterners, we all stood and watched and took photos ;) Luckily everyone was safely under cover of the garage when the skies finally opened up. 

What I loved about this day was that despite the terrible weather, everyone just rolled with it. The guests had just as much fun dancing the night away smooshed together in the garage as they would have had in the backyard under the trees. Maybe even MORE fun. This wedding is the prime example of taking a "worst case scenario" and making something amazing out of it. Rain doesn't matter. Celebrating your marriage with the people closest to you matters. And that's exactly what Hannah and Colin did.

Keep scrolling to see the images from this incredible day!