Ashley + Jimmy | Boo Cat Club Wedding

Last month we had the pleasure of working with the incredibly sweet Ashley + Jimmy. We loved so much about their wedding day! The Boo Cat Club is such a lovely venue, and Ashley + Jimmy chose to keep things really simple by just walking around and taking photos around the venue. This is one of our favorite ways to take wedding party photos and couple’s portraits on a wedding day. To most people, the surrounding area probably doesn’t seem to offer a ton of options for cool photos, but when I took a look around the day before the wedding, I was immediately inspired and excited by the textures and colors of some of the nearby buildings. I love using unexpected places for photos. And best of all we were close to the venue so everything felt really relaxed.

I also want to point out that there a kind of a lot of reception details photos in this blog - I don’t normally post so many, but I was IN LOVE with the dinner set up, which was on the lower level of the Boo Cat Club. The long tables were filled with candles and florals (by the amazingly talented Flowers and Weeds) in antique metal vases and cups - the room felt so warm, cozy, and inviting.

We had so much fun with this couple and their wonderful friends and family members!

Please scroll on to see some highlights from their day :)


WeddingKatharine Forbis