Dream Shoot | 2017

You guys know my friend Jacob Loafman? You probably do. He's a pretty big deal :) So Jaimie Krause and I share a studio space with Jay and earlier this week he had 3 gorgeous volunteers come in for a creative shoot based on dreams that he had in mind. It sounded really cool and he invited us along to join him - how could we say no?

Jay knows how to create some serious magic, and he's already posted some previews on Instagram which you can see here. The lovely models for his shoot are also in the photography business. Savanna is with Harper & Brothers Images and Jenna and Madeline are with J Elizabeth Photography. They are some very talented and beautiful ladies!

I have to say it was so much fun being just a big weirdo group of photographers creating weirdo stuff out in nature :) 

Some of my shots below, thanks for looking!


Katharine Forbis