Slow season is taking its toll and my friend Emily of Juniper Films came into the loft so we could make some images together. I will say that couples and families are more of my wheelhouse, so posing single people is not something I do often…if ever. But the great thing about photographing Emily is that she really just does her thing and doesn’t need a ton of direction.

This was also pretty much my first time shooting at the loft, which has been my workspace now for like 9 months, ha! We had plans to build some awesome backdrops, but it got put waaaay back on the back-burner. I have held off shooting much there because without backdrops blocking off the space, from certain angles you can see my desk and my loft-mate’s desk too. But I was actually really pleasantly surprised at the versatility of the space, even only being able to shoot in one direction. The light was awesome today, and we stepped outside for a bit too because it was in the 40’s.

Here are some favorite shots. Thanks for hanging with me, Em! <3

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