Ben + Ranana | St. Charles Winter Engagement Session

Everyone hates winter, amiright? Especially after the holidays when there's nothing really to "look forward to" and everyone is just over the cold. Well, everyone except for me. I used to be an avid hater of winter myself, but honestly I now love it. was it insanely cold/windy/uncomfortable when we shot these images? Yes. BUT, there are a couple of upsides that make winter sessions so worth it!

1. The possibility of a little snow! There were some unexpected light flurries when I was hanging with Ben and Ranana, and it made me sort of giddy.

2.) Muted colors! No harsh or neon summer greens casting weird colors all over everything. Everything feels so neutral and soft and I love it.

3.) Less people out, which in my opinion, is always a good thing ;)

Ben and Ranana were absolutely SUCH a treat to photograph. These two really know how to make each other laugh and I love that their fun-loving personalities really shine through in their engagement photos. We are so pumped for their wedding this fall!!

Keep scrolling to see some favorites from their session - I guarantee they will make you smile!



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