Springfield Aquarium | Winter 2018

Recently some friends of ours visited the aquarium in Springfield, MO and raved about how awesome it was. Since our 5-year-old is an avid lover of all things sea life related, we decided we had to check it out for ourselves! We had a free weekend, and the weather was supposed to be super awesome, so we booked a one night stay at an Airbnb and made the 3 hour drive on Saturday morning.

We were pretty blown away by this place! The aquarium was huge and had all these different levels and so much to see. We also got tickets for the museum side, which featured a ton of taxidermy - which sounds so weird but was actually totally awesome. We found ourselves completely loving photographing the (dead) animals, ha!

After 3.5 hours of exploring everything, we hit Lost Signal for some awesome beer and food and then had a Wii Bowling tournament back at our Airbnb. On the drive home we made a couple of stops too. We had to check out the World's Largest Gift Shop, and also stopped at the hilarious roadside attraction of Uranus, MO ;)

It was a super fun weekend, and we took lots of photos. Here are some faves! Oh, also - all edited with the new Moth presets from Jacob Loafman (you can check them out here)!

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