One On One Mentoring

I am so thrilled that you've reached out about a mentoring session! Here you'll find all the necessary information and pricing to help you decide what kind of session might be right for you. The mentoring session will be tailored to your individual needs. A questionnaire will be sent before we meet up, so I can get a feel for exactly what you are wanting to touch on! If you have any questions after looking through this guide, please feel free to reach out!





finding good light
location scouting
wedding day logistics
gear (our favorite cameras + lenses)
reception lighting
exporting + storing images
presets + editing workflow
editing consistency
Lightroom tips


branding + aesthetics
pricing + contracts
website review
social media presence
finding and appealing to your ideal client
studio management
wedding workflow from inquiry to image delivery
products + albums
building your portfolio



2 hour Q&A session
In person or via a video chat


During our hangout you can ask me anything! Topics can cover any of the things listed above (or anything else you can think of to ask me). We will lightly touch on editing, but if you're looking for more in-depth editing information, see the next two options. 

4 hour Q&A session
In person or via a video chat
In-depth editing


We'll spend a couple hours going over any questions you might have on any of the topics above! Then I'll spend some in-depth time going through my editing process in Lightroom (with an engagement or couple's session). If this is a video chat, I'll screenshare so you can see my whole process, beginning with how I cull and ending with how I export. I'll also ask for some RAW images from you so we can go over some editing with your own images!

6 hours
In-person Q&A session
Live shoot with a couple
In-depth editing


**This option must take place in St. Louis**

We'll start with the Q&A session to go over anything you might want to chat about, and then head out for a live shoot with a couple! I'll go over posing techniques, finding cool locations, what lenses I love best, and some of the gadgets I use. You are welcome to just observe, or to bring your camera and shoot a bit too! After the shoot, we'll sit back down over food or coffee (or cocktails ;)) and go over editing!


 When's and Where's


Mentoring sessions are mostly scheduled on weekdays, especially during the busier times of year (spring, summer, + fall).  If you're local to St. Louis, we will meet at my studio in Midtown. If you're not local, we'll find a convenient time for both of us to set up a video chat!

If you have any further questions, shoot them my way!