-Matt + Kim

“As someone who cringes at cheesy, ‘traditional’ wedding photos, I knew I wanted a creative photographer that could document the authentic emotions of the day, and take photos that tell a story. After interviewing a ton of St. Louis photographers, I knew Vein + Vessel’s style was so unique and stunning (on top of their awesome personalities), that I wouldn’t be happy with anyone else. Vein + Vessel exceeded all expectations on every level. They were extremely responsive, helpful and went out of their way to make sure we got everything we wanted and more! Not to mention, you’re not going to find another photography duo that’s cooler than Katie and Mike. They have so many tricks up their sleeves, that they can capture any ordinary moment and make it look incredible. Their artistic talent is invaluable, and unmatched. Booking them as our wedding photographer was one of the BEST decisions we made.”

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-Caity + Bennett

“Katie and Mike felt like having two dear friends attend the wedding. The guests loved them, they blended in seamlessly and were relaxed, professional, and did such incredible work. The images exceeded our wildest hopes and our friends and family repeatedly say they're the most stunning wedding photos they've ever seen. Katie and Mike have an unusual aesthetic in their photography--edgy, emotional, moody, hip, playful, heartful. If that's your jamz, then I'd say, book 'em and don't look back! We honestly couldn't be more grateful and appreciative to them both.”

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-Annie + Sam

"I knew I want to hire Katie & Mike from the moment I saw a friend's wedding photos before I was even engaged! Their work is stunning. It invokes so much emotion and love. They are such cool people, easy to work with, and made us feel comfortable. Katie and Mike are so talented, I cannot express my thanks and love for them enough!"

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Katharine Forbistestimonials
Testimonial #2

"From day one, Katie exceeded our expectations for both our engagement and wedding photos. She created seriously stunning photos that we are obsessed with looking at over and over again. She captured our true expression, that lets us relive our wedding day whenever we want."

Katherine, 2016 bride

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Michael Forbis
-Misty + Johnny

"You will not be disappointed with Katie and Mike! They have a beautiful, unique style that is unparalleled and makes your images feel much more like artwork than traditional, boring wedding photos. Aside from the finished product being amazing, they themselves are such a pleasure to work with. It felt like we were just hanging out with good friends."

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Michael Forbistestimonials
-Jen + John

"Jaw-dropping…thats the only way I can explain their work. They are truly amazing! I know there are tons of great photographers in this area, but there's something about their work that is just different than any other. And their personalities fit their work...awesome, beautiful, fun!"

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-Lindsay + Eric

"Katie and Mike did a phenomenal job with our wedding and engagement photos. They were absolutely stunning. We received so many compliments on the quality of the photographs so I have to credit Katie with making us look like movie stars!”

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