We're so glad you're here!

Welcome! Since we most likely haven't met in person yet, we hope that you are here because our work has inspired you in some way. We love when couples feel a real connection with our work and style of shooting. In this guide, we will lay out our typical approach to weddings, and talk about if we are a good fit for you! But before we launch into that, we welcome you to view a short slideshow of some of our favorite wedding + engagement images of 2017 (slideshow is best viewed with the volume on) ;)


Our approach


Every wedding is different, and we love when couples put their own spin on things. But for the purpose of this guide, here's what a typical wedding day might look like:

We generally start coverage when you are putting your final touches on for the wedding day. We take a hands-off approach to getting ready photos. We like to blend in with your group, and really just document the atmosphere. If you are getting ready in a different room as your spouse, we will usually split up so you're both covered. We may occasionally place you in some good light from time to time, but other than that we are not directing - just documenting.


After this, generally our couples will either have a first look and do their photos prior to the ceremony, or wait and do their photos until right after the ceremony (if time allows). We need about 20 - 30 minutes for wedding party photos. We will usually get around 2-4 great groups shots of everyone, and then take some smaller group shots and individual photos of the couple with each member in their respective party (if desired). 


We will then focus on photos of the couple. We love to have at least 30 minutes with our couples for portraits, and in a perfect world we try to plan these for the time of day when the light is prettiest. Our couples can expect a bit of direction during this portion of the day, and we also use this opportunity to create some unique and interesting portraits. This is the couple's time to be alone together on their wedding day - we encourage them to get close and really soak in all of the love of their day.


During the ceremony, we try to be as "invisible" as we can. If you've done a first look, one of us will typically follow behind the spouse that is walking up the aisle, while the other covers the procession from the front. If you haven't done a first look, we are both near the front so one of us can capture the spouse at the altar's reaction, while the other photographs the processional. After this, we may move around a bit to get some different angles, but we try our best not to be a distraction to you or your guests.


The family formals usually follow directly after the ceremony. These will be the most posed or "directed" photos of the day. We love doing family formals outdoors, when possible!


Reception coverage starts with the cocktail hour (unless we are using this time to do portraits of the couple), goes through dinner, and ends on the dance floor - after the toasts and first dances are complete. During dinner, we love to be seated somewhere nearby so we can be sure to jump up when we are needed. We prefer to eat when the couple eats, so we are ready to go when the toasts or dances start. After the first dances, we like to have about 30 minutes for some fun party pics of guests dancing, and we LOVE when our couples get out there and dance too!


The images:

Editing is a hugely important part of our process. It may vary slightly from wedding to wedding, but the feel of our images is always the same: rich, contrasty, and slightly moody. Our edits are a combination of color and black & white images. We select which images to convert to black & white based on the feel or vibe of the image itself. For an 8 hour day, we generally deliver between 500-700 final images.

The Type of couple we work best with:

- Values relationships and the people at their wedding, more than they value the things.

- Doesn't stress over the little things. There may be slight hiccups on any given wedding day and we work best with couples that understand this. Maybe the flowers aren't the precise color that was originally envisioned, or there's a bit of rain in the forecast...our ideal couple is able to let it go if something doesn't go exactly as planned, and get back to the important things: enjoying the day and spending time with friends and loved ones :)

- Isn't afraid to step away from outdated traditions. Maybe they get ready together as a couple on their wedding day. Or they forego having a wedding party. Or they throw a backyard wedding. Or elope. Traditions are totally wonderful when they have personal value and meaning. Too often though, we have found that many couples adhere to certain traditions without questioning whether or not they are necessarily important. We work well with couples that take these things into consideration and decide what is best for them based on their own personalities, families, and relationship.

- Is willing to get a little adventurous. Is okay with getting close for photos, and embracing the moment. Brides that are cool with their dress getting a little dirty on the bottom or their hair catching the wind. Grooms that aren't afraid to hold their fiancé tight and show some emotion.

- Isn't the "party bus" type of couple. While we realize this is somewhat of the norm in St. Louis, we work best with a simpler set-up. Photos taken at random locations can be very cool, but they don't really tell much about the story of the day. It's not a requirement, but we love weddings that are all in one place (or two venues that are near each other), so we can tell a cohesive story with our images.

- Values great photography. Being a wedding photographer is so much more than just snapping pretty photos. Our images are not "cookie cutter," meaning that no two weddings that we shoot will look the same. Each wedding is unique, the images should be too! If a wedding is loud and fun and high-spirited, the images will reflect that. If a wedding is quiet, intimate, and emotional, the images will have a softer vibe about them. We use our experience to capture the essence of the day. We use our vision to create images that are beautiful, and most importantly - meaningful.

Next Steps

If you don't feel like we are the best match for you, please don't hesitate to let us know - we promise we won't be offended! The photography industry is a diverse community, full of very talented individuals - dozens for each taste and style! If you let us know what you looking for in a photographer, we are more than happy to give you recommendations for some other folks that might fit your vision better!

If you think we ARE a great match for you, please continue on to see our pricing. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have!



The Collections

the fox

8 hours of wedding coverage

Complimentary engagement session

High-resolution digital images

Online, password-protected gallery active for 90 days

Print release for the couple


the ruby

6 hours of wedding coverage

Complimentary engagement session

High-resolution digital images

Online, password-protected gallery active for 90 days

Print release for the couple



Extras + Albums


Additional coverage: $450/hour

Day after session: $500


Signature Artbook: $1050

Artbook: $850


Interested in eloping instead? Planning a wedding that is not in St. Louis? We love to travel and have special rates for destination weddings or elopements!



Booking information

If you're interested in booking us, the next step would be to set up an in-person meeting or a Google Hangout/Skype call so we can get to know each other! We'd love to set up a meeting over coffee, appetizers, or cocktails, or have a face to face video call. Since we have a kiddo at home, sometimes Katie is the only one available for in-person meetings, and sometimes Mike is able to join her - it just depends on the day! Let us know what works best for you and we will do our very best to accommodate you!



Should you decide to book, our booking process is very simple. No paper contracts, everything is done online through a client portal. It will contain a quote for whichever collection you're interested in, a couple of questionnaires for the engagement session and wedding details, an e-sign contract, and a payment section for your retainer (we accept credit, debit, or PayPal payments). We like to keep things as uncomplicated as we can!

A signed contract and 30% retainer is required to hold your wedding date.