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We met in 2006 when Mike transferred from Mizzou to the University of Missouri St. Louis. We were both in the art program (Mike studying graphic design, Katie studying photography), and had a mutual friend that was also in the graphic design department. He wanted to start a band and convinced us to join. From there, a friendship began and about 2 years later we began dating. We were married in October of 2011 and welcomed our son Arthur Fox less than a year later. As a couple, we love art, music, traveling, great food, and spending time with our many wonderful friends and our families. 

 photo courtesy of  Jaimie Nicole Krause

photo courtesy of Jaimie Nicole Krause


From Katie

I've been photographing weddings and families for the past 9 years. Photography is something I feel really passionately about, and it is truly a gift that I'm able to do what I love every single day. The addition of having Mike shoot weddings with me has been so awesome. He has a natural talent for it, and really puts people at ease with his funny personality.

Aside from shooting with me on the weekends, Mike is also a kick-ass web designer and still holds a full-time job. For that reason, I generally fly solo at family sessions and most engagement sessions. What I love about Mike is that he is constantly interested in learning more and being a well-rounded person. He develops new hobbies all the time from brewing beer, to learning Spanish, to gardening. He buys a new houseplant almost weekly, he loves to hate politics, is obsessed with true crime podcasts, and will literally never pass up an opportunity to take a nap. He also has freakish athletic abilities and is amazing at everything from soccer to ping pong. He loves to cook and talks in a really bad Italian accent when he's in the kitchen laying out ingredients for a meal. He's fun, intelligent, outgoing, goofy, and a wonderful father to our son. I'm lucky to have him as my sidekick for life.

Bonus fun fact

You might hear me refer to Mike as "Forbis" while we are shooting. That's how I met him, so he'll always be Forbis to me. You can call him Mike, Michael, Forbis, Forb, Forby - he'll answer to pretty much anything ;)


Katie absolutely loves photography. I met her at a karaoke bar, more on that later, and learned that she was attending the art department in which I had just enrolled. While we were pursuing different forms of art, her creativity was a huge inspiration for me to keep at it.

When I met her she was obsessed, and still is, with miniatures. She made these amazing little fantastical landscapes and would shoot them as if they were life-size. It was very surreal and beautiful. While she photographs real life people now, I can see that sense of creativity and wonder come through in her composition and editing. Especially in her photos of our son. Can you imagine having a wife and mother to your son who can capture your journey together with such authentic emotion? I can. And it is awesome.

Katie is a fantastic teacher and partner. Her style on the job made me feel instantly at ease and leaves me without any wonder why people like to share their special day with her.


What’s that? What about the karaoke? Well, Katie has the voice of someone who should be auditioning for The Voice or something of that nature. She can execute a vocal run like Mariah Carey while doing dishes. She also taught herself to play the ukelele without any lessons. She will serenade me with karaoke in our living room while I am trying to do something else. She doesn’t care, and neither do I. Listening to her sing our son to sleep is one of the best things in the world. Ask her to sing sometime. She probably won't, but it is definitely worth a shot!

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