Annalise + Rob | Chittenden, Vermont Mountain Wedding

When Annalise + Rob reached out to us to document their wedding in Vermont, we were absolutely ecstatic. For one, Rob and Annalise are an incredibly fun, hilarious, and sweet couple. And two, neither Forbis nor myself had ever been to that part of the country before and we love traveling to new places. It was a short 3 day trip for us - we flew into Boston and immediately made the 3 hour drive to the mountains of Vermont. We were blown away with how beautiful it is up there!

The wedding day was unseasonably chilly and verrrry windy, with ominous clouds hanging overhead for most of the day. This is my favorite type of weather, so I was kind of in heaven. There was talk of moving the ceremony indoors, but ultimately they decided to stick it out and have the ceremony outdoors against a mountain backdrop. It was absolutely gorgeous. Our friends and past bride and groom Christina + Nima were the wonderful officiants for the ceremony. 

Shooting around the Mountain Top Inn & Resort was an absolute dream. Lakes, woods, and mountain just doesn't get much better than that. 

Annalise + Rob, thank you so much for sharing your day with us! We were so honored to document it for you!



Hannah + Colin | Wardsville, MO Wedding

Hannah + Colin reside in St. Louis, but they chose to get married in Hannah's hometown of Wardsville, MO - just outside of Jefferson City. And not only that, but they also chose to have the reception in the backyard of the home where Hannah grew up...which happens to be on a gorgeous farm. There's a large backyard with huge trees - perfect for string lights and tables and dancefloor - and rolling hills and trees as far as the eye can see. As you can imagine, rain isn't exactly ideal for this type of set-up....but rain was what they got. They got a LOT of it. And in my opinion, the rain was what added such a special element to this day. More on that in a minute :)

Forbis started with Colin and the guys at an Airbnb in Jefferson City where they hung out and got ready before heading over to the church in Wardsville. Hannah got ready in her parent's home, right down the road from the church. Hannah's mother is passed, and just so happened that the room in which she got dressed boasted a lovely portrait of her on the wall, so it really felt like she was there. The getting ready photos of Hannah are some of my favorite images from the day.

The rain was on and off pretty much all day, and luckily it cleared up after the ceremony while we were taking portraits at the nearby Bolton Home. Hannah and Colin have an amazing group of friends and family who were so wonderful to photograph! When we got back to the house for dinner, the rain started to pick up again, and by the time dinner and toasts were over, the decision was made to move the party into the garage. It was at this time that the most incredible storm clouds rolled in. Being typical Midwesterners, we all stood and watched and took photos ;) Luckily everyone was safely under cover of the garage when the skies finally opened up. 

What I loved about this day was that despite the terrible weather, everyone just rolled with it. The guests had just as much fun dancing the night away smooshed together in the garage as they would have had in the backyard under the trees. Maybe even MORE fun. This wedding is the prime example of taking a "worst case scenario" and making something amazing out of it. Rain doesn't matter. Celebrating your marriage with the people closest to you matters. And that's exactly what Hannah and Colin did.

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Tim + Eric | ANEW Rooftop Wedding

Working with Tim and Eric proved that it's totally possible to keep things simple and still have a truly amazing wedding. We loved the entire vibe of this day. ANEW is a gorgeous, modern, and understated venue that fit Tim and Eric's aesthetic perfectly. They chose to vamp up the space with candles and lots of greenery. We shot all of the photos there, utilizing the natural light from the huge windows, and of course the rooftop terrace.

What is evident about Tim and Eric is that they are totally, comfortably, deeply in love. What is also evident is that Tim and Eric are absolutely adored by their many friends and families. This was probably the first wedding we shot where the guests all loudly clapped and cheered when the grooms each made their way up the aisle. And this was another thing we loved about this wedding: the whole event felt elegant and stylish, yet informal and really, really fun. Documenting this day was such a pleasure for us!

Congrats Tim and Eric, and thank you so much for letting us be a part of your day :)


Katie + Forbis

Emily + Mike | Joshua Tree Elopement

"Is it only when you’re in love with another person that you see them as they really are? And in the ordinary way, when you’re not in love, you see only a fragmented version of that being? Because when you’re in love with someone, you do indeed see them as a divine being. And suppose that’s what they are, truly. And your eyes have, by your beloved, been opened. If you should be so fortunate as to encounter this spiritual experience, it seems to me to be a total denial of life to refuse it." -Alan Watts

When Mike and Emily of Juniper Films got engaged, they decided pretty much immediately that they wanted to do a destination elopement. We had met them several months earlier while working a wedding together - us photo, them video - and we were honestly floored when they reached out asking if we would travel with them and document their wedding day. Being in the wedding industry themselves, we didn’t take it lightly that they had reached out to us amongst so many other talented photographers that I’m sure would have been equally as excited to photograph them in such a beautiful location.

In the year or so that followed, over planning meetings and hangouts, a close friendship was formed. This is what ended up making our time in Joshua Tree with Mike and Emily even more special. We didn’t go to California as just their hired photographers, but also as their friends. Forbis got ordained online so he could officiate the wedding. I proofread vows and signed as their witness. Playing these other roles on the wedding day, aside from photographing, also really meant a lot to us.

And what can we say about Mike and Emily that won’t take up a million paragraphs? We seriously just love these two. They are so so perfect for each other. They are a hilarious, kind, genuine, intelligent, creative couple. They are younger than us and infinitely cooler than us and they teach us things like what “turnt” means and who Cardi B is and how to make Instagram stories. They make us laugh a LOT. We are just really grateful that they came into our lives and we are so excited for their future together.

Mike and Em - we cannot thank you enough for entrusting us to photograph your elopement (and for also letting us get a little weird with it*). We love you both and are so happy for you!


Katie + Forbis


Dress: Kimberly Parker

Tie + Pocket Square : Lonesome Traveler

Flowers: Wild Floral Works

Videography: White In Revery


*About the editing: Mike and Emily are creatives and encouraged us to get experimental while shooting and editing. We loved having this freedom! Just wanted to point this out in case some of the following images look a bit different from most of our other work ;)

If you're on a computer, go ahead and click play on the song below before scrolling through! 


Be sure to check out Mike + Emily's awesome video work here!

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Kirsten Paige Bridal | Styled Shoot

Styled shoots can tend to get a bad rap from a lot of photographers. The argument is that they represent an unrealistic version of perfection. And I mean....I get it. Take a look at literally anything wedding-related on Pinterest or any given wedding blog and all you see are perfect images. This can contribute to setting up couples for unrealistic expectations of what their wedding day should look or be like. When really, there is actually no right or wrong way to throw a wedding, and it shouldn't have to fit into any kind of mold. That being said, I personally do think that styled shoots have merit. Not because I think it's cool or okay to perpetuate the idea of perfection on a wedding day. Rather, I think they are great because they allow everyone involved to think outside of the box, get creative, try out new ideas or looks, and make connections with one another. All of these things end up being beneficial to the vendors involved AND the clients they work with in the "real world."

When Kirsten reached out about her vision for this shoot, we were instantly on board. She makes gorgeous, flowy wedding gowns and really wanted to show off the movement of her dresses. She paired this idea with an aerial themed shoot, and man....everything just came together so well. The other talented vendors involved came up with some really unique looks to complete her vision. What I love most about this shoot is that it's a bit different than what you usually see out there.

Before scrolling to see the images, be sure to check out everyone who contributed to this shoot, these folks are among St. Louis's best!

Dress // Kirsten Paige Bridal

Hair + Makeup // Eye Do STL

Videography // Juniper

Florals // Roses + Mint

Tablescape + Styling // Style Altar'd

Linens // An Affair To Remember

Tie // Lonesome Traveler

Invitations + Calligraphy // On Three Designs

Cake // Kaked By Katie

Jewelry // Lily Dawson

Kevin + Ethan | Industrial St. Louis Couple's Session

Over the weekend we attended the LooksLikeFilm Missouri meetup. Our wonderful organizer + friend Jacob Loafman snagged the most adorable couple for the shooting portion of the day (we'll have another blogpost on our lovely female model Jasmine very soon!).

Kevin and Ethan have been a couple for 4 years and have never modeled or had professional photos together. To say they were amazing in front of the lens would be an understatement. They were down with allllll of our weird ideas. They weren't afraid to snuggle and get close. And their chemistry and love for one another was so much fun to capture.

Thanks for being awesome, Kevin and Ethan! 

Scroll on to see some of our shots of these two :)

Matthew + Abby | Tower Grove Engagement Session

Sometimes you get really lucky with January engagement sessions and end up with a day that is sunny and in the mid-50's. Awesome weather combined with a totally adorable and in-love couple made this session so much fun. Matthew and Abby are photographers themselves (you can see their lovely work here) and one of my favorite things about shooting other photographers is that they just kinda GET your vision when you see a building (or a puddle, ha) that you want to use for a shot.

Matthew and Abby chose Tower Grove Park and The Grove for their session. These are two of my favorite locations and I'm super familiar with both, but this time I explored a little more and found some new (to me) and interesting areas for shooting. Luckily, they were down with all my ideas, even when they sounded weird ;) I absolutely loved working with and getting to know these two! 

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Springfield Aquarium | Winter 2018

Recently some friends of ours visited the aquarium in Springfield, MO and raved about how awesome it was. Since our 5-year-old is an avid lover of all things sea life related, we decided we had to check it out for ourselves! We had a free weekend, and the weather was supposed to be super awesome, so we booked a one night stay at an Airbnb and made the 3 hour drive on Saturday morning.

We were pretty blown away by this place! The aquarium was huge and had all these different levels and so much to see. We also got tickets for the museum side, which featured a ton of taxidermy - which sounds so weird but was actually totally awesome. We found ourselves completely loving photographing the (dead) animals, ha!

After 3.5 hours of exploring everything, we hit Lost Signal for some awesome beer and food and then had a Wii Bowling tournament back at our Airbnb. On the drive home we made a couple of stops too. We had to check out the World's Largest Gift Shop, and also stopped at the hilarious roadside attraction of Uranus, MO ;)

It was a super fun weekend, and we took lots of photos. Here are some faves! Oh, also - all edited with the new Moth presets from Jacob Loafman (you can check them out here)!

Libby + Vikas | Downtown St. Louis Multicultural Wedding

From my very first meeting with Libby and Vikas, I knew that their wedding was going to be amazing. It was our last wedding of 2017 and I looked forward to it all year! It did not disappoint. 2 ceremonies, tons of friends + was a day filled with color, life, texture, tradition, symbolism, love, and dancing. Lots of dancing ;) OH and maybe one of the most amazing things I've seen at a wedding yet: Vikas's entrance via a Delorean ( awesome).

There were many moving parts to this day, and everything was expertly coordinated by the lovely Grace of Saving Grace Occasions, who is not only an amazing wedding coordinator, but also a trusted friend of Libby's family. The staff at Lumen also did an incredible job of transforming their space from a ceremony venue, then to a cocktail bar, and then to a reception/dance party. It took a lot of hard work, but paid off as it was very evident to us that everyone in attendance had a great time! 

Libby and Vikas's wedding was a wonderful celebration of love and family, and we were so thrilled to be there to document it. Take a moment to check out their wonderful vendors and then scroll on to see some (okay, a LOT of) highlights from their big day!

Wedding Coordination: Saving Grace Occasions

Hair: Jessica Erhard of Chopshop

Makeup: Anne Hudson

Wedding + Reception venue: Lumen

Florist: Snapdragon Studio

Videography: Tower Studios