Mike + Emily | Downtown St. Louis Engagement Session

Almost one year ago to the day, we met Mike and Emily of Films by Juniper for the first time. We were both hired to shoot an awesome wedding - us shooting stills, them shooting video. We had so much fun working with them that day and began to refer them to all of our couples interested in videography. 

A few months later, Mike and Emily got engaged during a trip to Portland. Shortly thereafter, they contacted us. Their plan was to elope and they wanted us to shoot it. We were thrilled, honored, excited, and needless to say, completely on board. We met up over drinks a few times to talk plans for the elopement, and from there a friendship began. Mike and Emily are creative, stylish, fun, young, silly, hardworking and just genuinely nice people. Sometimes we can't figure out why they like hanging out with us since we are quite a bit older than them, but nonetheless, we are very grateful that they came into our lives :)

After a few locations were considered, Mike and Emily ultimately decided on eloping in Joshua Tree, CA. For their engagement session they suggested an urban vibe since their wedding photos will be full of desert-y goodness. One of my best buddies Kevin Lowery was in town staying with us and he joined us on this shoot. We had a blast and all shot roughly a million photos because let's be honest, these two are so fun and pretty damn easy on the eyes.

If you haven't seen Mike and Emily's lovely work, I highly suggest checking out their website here. If you're getting married and need a videographer, hire them. You won't be disappointed.

Here are some (a ton) of our favorites from this awesome session. Mike and Emily, we love you guys! Hope you love what you see so far, and we can't wait for your wedding. Is it April yet?! ;)



Wilson Family | At Home Session

When Pearl contacted me for a family session a while back, I was absolutely thrilled! You see, Pearl is also an incredibly talented photographer in the St. Louis area - her work is gorgeous, you can check it out here. One of the things I love about photographing other photographers is that they already know the best times of day to shoot and they know what vibe they want. Lifestyle family sessions are some of my favorite kind of sessions to shoot, and Pearl and Heath wanted some documentation of what an average evening looks like in their home, so it all worked out really well.

In addition, the week we shot this, Pearl and Heath were celebrating their 10 year anniversary, so they really wanted some photos of just the two of them. I love when couples take a little bit of time to do this at family sessions. The family shots are important, but photos of just you and your significant other are so nice to have too ;)

I had such a wonderful time with this family. Their home is gorgeous, they have lots of land and a HUGE garden. They played and laughed and were absolutely 100% themselves in front of the camera which made it difficult for me cut myself off from shooting, ha. Just the best.

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Christina + Nima | New Orleans

Let me tell you guys a story. Like, an actual, real-life love story. Christina + Nima's chance meeting reads out more like a movie script than real life. 

The scene: A resort in Jamaica.

He's there for a wedding. She's visiting Jamaica for a yoga retreat with friends. She gets convinced to sneak into the resort for an afternoon of swimming.

He spots her immediately, and throughout the course of the day it takes him not once, not twice, but three times to work up the courage to swim up and talk to her. He ends up asking her to join him at the wedding later that day. She say's she'll think about it.

That evening, he waits.

She never shows.

He could let it go and chalk it up to just meeting a pretty girl at a resort and leave it at that. But in his heart he knows this is more than just a chance meeting. Eventually, he decides to text her and tell her he felt a connection between them. Even though they had only met once for a few hours. Even though it sounds crazy. And he waits again.

She's on a plane home at that very moment and can't receive the message. After several hours, he finally receives a text back:

"I felt it too."

He asks if he can fly into St. Louis from D.C. and take her out to just one dinner to explore the connection they both felt. She agrees.

And the rest, as they say, is history :)


This was our first time visiting New Orleans. It's such an amazing city full of life. The French Quarter made an incredible backdrop for Christina and Nima's joyful wedding day. They got ready at the gorgeous Hotel Monteleone, and the festivities took place at the lovely Latrobe's just a few blocks away. They chose to have a traditional western ceremony, followed by a traditional Persian ceremony. Guests then enjoyed amazing food and danced the night away until the Kinfolk Brass Band whisked everyone into the streets of the French Quarter for a traditional Second Line (which was arguably our favorite part of the night). It was the most perfect ending to a perfect day.

We had the pleasure of working with some wonderful New Orleans vendors while we were in town. I want to give a special shoutout to Kerrie and Jamie with Girls in Black. Navigating the busy French Quarter would have been more than intimidating had we been on our own. They had the logistics down solid. They were such an enormous help not only to Christina and Nima, but to us as well. They were organized, friendly, fun, and just an all-around pleasure to work with! A full vendor list can be found at the end of this blog post.

Since we arrived a few days early, we were also able to document the welcome party the evening before the wedding which was full of food, drink, and heartfelt speeches. So that's where we begin our story of Christina and Nima's wedding. 

Strap in....this is a long post, but I don't think you'll regret it ;)

The Life Aquatic

Lately I've been seeing some amazing underwater photos in some of the photography groups I'm in, and I just couldn't resist trying some out for myself. I bit the bullet and purchased a DiCAPac bag for my camera, and after testing it out in the bathtub I took it to the pool. It is such a weird, unsettling, and downright scary thing to have like $3k worth of equipment underwater, ha! But the bag held up and my camera stayed bone dry :)

Shooting with this bag took some practice. Once the camera is in the bag, changing the settings takes a bit of practice, but it isn't impossible. It was a super bright sunny day at about 1:30pm and I shot these with my D750 - I won't lie, I was kind of cursing that max shutter speed of 1/4000. Even with my ISO all the way down, I wasn't able to shoot wide open which kills me a little bit on the inside ;) At first I was trying to stay above water while putting my camera under the surface and just snapping away, hoping for the best. That wasn't going so well, so eventually I threw on some goggles like a cool kid and got underwater with it so I could actually look through the viewfinder. The only downfall of this bag is that it has an "expandable" part for the lens. Obviously this is so you can put longer lenses in the bag, but I was using a Nikon 35 which isn't a huge lens. I kept trying to fold the lens part back to fit around my 35, but it kept wanting to expand. So I found myself having to manually hold it to make sure it was flush against the front of my lens. But honestly, it wasn't terrible and I'll take it, considering the relatively low price tag of the DiCAPac. 

There are people that seem to love this bag, and others that advise against it and say it isn't "safe" enough. It seemed fine to me, but I'm thinking that if you were going to be doing a LOT of underwater work, it might be best to spring for something more durable, like an AquaTech housing. Since I won't be doing this a lot, I personally just couldn't justify the nearly $2000 price of one of those.

I included a short video at the end of this post on how I edited the color images....I sound like an idiot and the fan on my laptop is always running (that's a great sign, right? ugh), but if you can get over that, feel free to give it a watch!

Also I should add that the last two images were shot by my 15-year-old nephew...he had a lot of fun taking some shots too, and I'm OBSESSED with the one he got from underneath Fox - so cool! 

Hannah + Colin | St. Louis City Engagement Session

Sometimes it can be tricky running a husband and wife photography team when you have a little one at home. Our pool of babysitters is a little on the smaller side, so sometimes Mike has to stay behind when I'm shooting or meeting people for consults. When we were scheduling our meeting with Hannah and Colin, they suggested we bring our kiddo along to the consult so they could meet us both. I think that's when we knew they'd be a great fit for us :) Hannah and Colin are such a laid-back, sweet couple. Their engagement session took place at Tower Grove Park (where they got engaged!) and their home/neighborhood, just a few blocks away. 

Hannah and Colin are getting married next year in her hometown of Wardsville, MO, and having their reception in her dad's backyard. We literally cannot WAIT for this wedding! These two are such a joy to have in front of the camera. 

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Rachel + Jason | Flagstaff, AZ Wedding

When Rachel and Jason contacted us to photograph their wedding in Flagstaff, AZ, we were beyond thrilled. We shoot the majority of our weddings here in St. Louis, but we welcome the chance to get out of town and see more of our beautiful country. Photographing against a backdrop of mountains was pretty awesome for us :)

Since Jason and Forbis go way back, we already knew this couple would be really fun to work with. Jason and Rachel enjoy all things that are outdoors. They are active, athletic, and adventurous people, and their wedding reflected all of those things. Due to warmer than usual weather, their wedding day was set up a little differently than what we are used to. They decided to get up super early to get some portraits before the heat of the day set in....and we were SO happy they did. They scouted a gorgeous, isolated location and we were able to just explore and create photos of them on a relaxed time schedule. Later in the afternoon, I headed out to the Nordic Center with Rachel so she and several close friends could start setting up. This wedding was truly a DIY effort, and everything came together so wonderfully. 

Rachel and Jason's ceremony was held in an aspen grove. They chose to be married by a close friend, which felt so special and personal. The reception was held steps away and included lawn games, an amazing spread of vegan food, s'mores, and an actual party yurt :) The night ended with songs and laughter around the campfire. 

What we loved so much about this wedding was the simplicity of it. And what I mean by that is that this wedding was more about the people and less about the things. I think that sometimes people lose sight of that, but this couple and their family and friends definitely did not.

We were so grateful to be a part of this beautiful wedding. Rachel and Jason, thank you so much for allowing us to document your day. We hope you cherish your images forever! 


Katie + Forbis

Jordyn + Jimmy | Cherokee Street Wedding

Jordyn and Jimmy....oh where to begin :) They are self-described craft beer lovers, travelers, and lovers of delicious food. They are artistic, stylish, and family-oriented. They are such GOOD PEOPLE. Basically our wedding dream-come-true kind of couple. Their love for each other and their friends and family is so abundant. I kept noticing all day and night how they greeted their guests with such honest enthusiasm, it was very clear that each and every person that celebrated their wedding day with them was really important to the couple. So many hugs, SO much laughter, so much warmth and joy. The Luminary Arts Center was the perfect venue for Jordyn and Jimmy's wedding - located in the heart of the Cherokee neighborhood with great bars, restaurants, and shops all around. People on the streets...lots of life. I just felt like it fit the wedding day vibe so well.

We were so honored to be a part of this amazing celebration of love and family. Jordyn and Jimmy, we hope you're having an amazing honeymoon! Thank you for being so awesome and choosing us to document your wedding day :)

If you're on a desktop computer, be sure to play the song below while you're scrolling through the images!

Dress: White Traditions Bridal

Flowers: Flowers + Weeds

Videography: Blackrectangle Photography

Newman Family | In-Home Lifestyle Session

It's been a couple years since I photographed the Newman family, and since the last time I saw them they've had some big changes! They moved into a new home, welcomed a son, and are now expecting their 3rd child this August. Kate and Joel are both so laid-back and funny, and their kids are just the cutest. I had a lot of fun catching up with them and documenting them around the house!

Keep scrolling to see their session :)

Liz + Eden | Central West End Wedding

I will have to keep this short because if I don't I'll probably end up writing a novel about Liz and Eden. Forbis and I could not have been more honored to have captured their incredible wedding day. Liz and Eden are two of the most genuine, hilarious, kindhearted humans we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Their love for one another just radiates...it's obvious to anyone that meets them that they are absolutely made for each other. 

We loved everything about this day. Eden acting like a total goofball while getting her makeup done. The awesome scooter that Liz gifted to her new wife. The first look on the rooftop of the Chase. The emotional ceremony. The unique reception that included bourbon tasting and tarot card readings. If I literally laughed, cried, and got chills a billion times while just *editing* their images, you can image how amazing the actual wedding day was :) Everything just came together so perfectly.

Liz and Eden, we cannot thank you enough for not only trusting us to document your wedding day, but for treating us like family. We wish you a lifetime of happiness together!!



Hair: Eden - Jacob Harmon, Notch // Liz - David Hoffman, David's in Clayton

Makeup: The wonderful Sophia Spoto

Wedding attire: Eden- Bespoke // Liz - BHLDN

Florist: Flowers and Weeds

Cake: La Patisserie Chouquette

Invitations: One of my favorite humans on the planet, Tori with Paperkeet

Ceremony: Chase Park Plaza

Reception: The BHIVE @ Brennan's