The moments that matter most

At Vein + Vessel, we take a more natural approach to family photography. We think  family sessions are so much more than placing everyone against a pretty backdrop and getting nice smiles. While those kinds of photos are great to have, and offered by other photographers in the area, we really prefer to focus on the connections and the unique personalities of your family members. The REAL things you'll want to remember. The stubborn nature of your 3-year-old asserting his independence. The sweet unsteadiness of your 1-year-old as she is learning to walk on her chubby legs. The sassiness of your 7-year-old. The joy on your baby's face as he proudly crawls to you. These are all of the "little" moments that aren't really so little after all. They are life. We offer two types of family sessions, scroll on to see details.


Lifestyle Sessions

Lifestyle sessions are a unique way to capture everyday life in a beautiful way. Typically a lifestyle session will take place in your own home, backyard, neighborhood, or other location that is significant or special to your family. The idea of this kind of session is to capture the unscripted moments, so there is little to no posing and work best when centered around an activity that your family loves! This could be something as simple as bath-time, playing dress up, having a backyard picnic, making cookies, or reading books together. 

Traditional Sessions

Traditional sessions are only "traditional" in the sense that they generally take place at a park or other scenic location, are scheduled for a time of day when the light is ideal, and posing ideas and suggestions are offered. A traditional session will still retain a natural, candid, feel. Kids are encouraged to play, run, jump, and act like their silly, wild selves. The main focus is to still document your family with emotion, joy, and honesty.


Tips for your session

Be Yourselves

At our family sessions, we we tend to focus more on relationships than poses. We want your images to feel real and candid - we want them to feel like YOU. Come to your session ready to laugh, relax, and be playful! As stated above, don't stress if the kids are running, acting wild, or being silly. This is the kind of behavior that we actually love. Nothing kills our vibe faster than parents that are shouting at their children to look at the camera and smile, so just embrace the madness and let us document it :) What you CAN do is get in on the action with the kiddos! Be silly, play games, sing songs, and give lots of hugs and kisses to those little ones. The snugglier and sillier, the better!

What to wear

You can probably tell by looking at our images, but we are not exactly the "khaki's and white shirt" type of photographer. We encourage style but comfort when it comes to clothing! For outdoor shoots, coordinating colors great, but don't feel like you have to get too matchy-matchy. Pick a couple of colors you like together and play with different shades and tones - throw some neutrals in for balance. Honestly though, we are less concerned with your clothing, and more concerned with your comfort and ability to get snuggly, walk freely, sit on the ground, etc.! If you're wanting an in-home session, we suggest going a little more on the casual side. You don't have to wear sweats, but clothing that makes sense in a home environment is always a good idea! For women, think jeans with a casual top or a comfortable maxi dress, for men maybe a solid t-shirt and shorts or jeans. For the kids, whatever they feel comfortable in and allows them to play and move around and be crazy :) For all of our sessions, we suggest avoiding clothing with distracting logos or large words. Feel free to click through the images below to see some examples of outfits we love! If you have further questions about clothing, shoot us an email and we can chat in more detail!


All Family Sessions include the following

One hour of shooting
30 digital edits
Online password-protected gallery active for 30 days
Print release




30 high resolution images are included in the session price, but generally there will be 60+ final edits in your online gallery. You can upgrade and receive the full gallery for an additional $125, or just download your 30 favorites that are included in the original price. 

Mini Sessions

Mini sessions are $250 and offered on weekdays only. They must take place at a location within 10 miles of the 63139 zip code (south STL city). They include 30 minutes of shooting, and your 10 favorites from a gallery of 30+ images. Gallery upgrades for mini sessions are $70.